We’re the ‘Go To’ People

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How many times have you admired a great door? It might be a large door, a wooden door, an old door or a beautifully designed door.

And, unless it’s an automatic door, the handle (or handles) will have been in keeping with the overall design. You don’t design a great door and then furnish it with ordinary handles.

It’s not just about shape either, although that’s hugely important. It’s also about the materials used to construct the handle, its finish and its patina. Each is an important factor in deciding what’s best for an internal or external door, and one that’s perhaps getting extremes of high use.

We’re fast becoming the ‘go to’ suppliers for more and more designers and architects looking for something that might create any sort of stand-out feature and looking for a stand-out bespoke manufacturer rather than a mass production solution.

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