Elevate Your Space: Pull Handle Trends for 2024 Featuring Brass, Bespoke, and More

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In the dynamic realm of interior design, it’s the finer details that distinguish a space, and one such detail commanding attention in 2024 is the pull door handle. As we embrace the new year, let’s delve into the latest trends shaping the landscape of pull handles, from the allure of brass finishes to the bespoke craftsmanship of Ash Door Furniture pull handles.

Sleek Simplicity with Brass Pull Handles:

Brass pull handles are reclaiming the spotlight, infusing spaces with timeless elegance. In 2024, sleek and minimalistic designs in brass are at the forefront, seamlessly integrating with various interior styles. The warm, golden tones of brass pull handles add a touch of sophistication, creating a visual harmony that transcends trends.

Nature’s Embrace in Ash Door Furniture Pull Handles:

The resurgence of nature-inspired designs extends to bespoke door handles crafted from various timbers. These handles bring organic elements indoors, with intricate patterns and textures that mimic the beauty of nature. Ash door furniture pull handles offer a bespoke touch, connecting the space with the outdoors and inviting a sense of tranquility.

Mixed Materials Extravaganza:

Explore the avant-garde with pull handles that blend materials for a striking effect. The fusion of metal, wood, glass, and leather is a trend that continues to captivate in 2024. These eclectic combinations create bespoke door handles that not only catch the eye but also offer a tactile experience, enhancing the overall ambiance of the space.

Smart Functionality in Commercial Door Handles:

The commercial landscape is evolving, and so are door handles. Commercial door handles are becoming smarter, with features like fingerprint recognition and touch-sensitive surfaces. In 2024, businesses are opting for stylish and technologically advanced handles that prioritize both security and convenience, enhancing the overall user experience.

Timeless Sophistication in Matte Black Pull Handles:

Matte black continues its reign as a timeless and sophisticated choice for pull handles. From sleek, contemporary designs to vintage-inspired pieces, matte black pull handles make a bold statement on doors. The versatility of this finish adds a touch of modernity while effortlessly complementing diverse interior styles.

Geometric Brilliance in Bespoke Designs:

For those seeking bespoke door handles that make a statement, geometric designs are stealing the spotlight in 2024. Hexagons, chevrons, and intricate patterns create handles that are not just functional but also serve as unique pieces of art, elevating the overall aesthetic of any space.


As we navigate the ever-evolving world of interior design in 2024, pull handles emerge as key elements of expression and functionality. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless allure of brass pull handles, the bespoke craftsmanship of Ash Door Furniture handles, the mixed material extravagance, or the smart functionality of commercial door handles, this year’s trends invite you to redefine elegance and leave a lasting impression with every entrance. Elevate your space with pull handles that reflect your style, blending sophistication with innovation in this exciting new chapter of design trends. Contact us today for UK made, quality door furniture.

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