What’s your colour?

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Did you know we manufacture a wide range of colour coated and anodised pull handles? If your looking for a handle that’s hard wearing, aesthetically pleasing and durable our wide range of colour coated  and anodised handles may be for you.

As always our handles are manufactured to order so you can choose your fixing centres, diameters and finishes. Did you also know that you can choose any colour you like? Based on the RAL colours you can choose blues, greens, yellows…..the list goes on. Our finishes page shows you the wide range of finishes on offer.

Why choose colour? 

Colour is so important in our day to day life. We appreciate a beautiful sun set, we choose the colour of our cars, and the clothing we choose to wear. They all play an important role in our day to day life. This is why we think its important for colour to be part of  architecture both old and new. It can be used to represent a brand, a feeling and a vision for the future.  So next time you are thinking about which design to choose for your entrance, choose a colour, go bold, or not…. the list is endless!

Why choose us? 

We  have available in-house door handle design and manufacturing facilities, which enables us to work closely with you in order to achieve a practical and unique finished product. We are able to produce full working drawings from your initial sketch, together with costing and delivery periods on all pull door handles. All manufactured in the UK, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products.

We must admit – we love working with Colour! Contact our sales team today to see how we can help you can incorporate your favourite colour into your design.

 Sales@ashdoorfurniture.co.uk or call us on 0115 9974847.

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